Miley Cyrus Was All Over New York Fashion Week!

Miley Cyrus At The MAC Make-Up Offices

With the New York Fashion Week coming to an end yesterday with a bonanza of runway shows by big-name designers, Miley Cyrus, it appears, had a great time hanging with her mommy Tish while hitting up fashion shows decked out in freaky outfits. She’s pretty much living out every 20-year-old chick’s wildest fantasy of playing dress up all day long & sitting in the front row at fashion shows for famous designers. I guess that’s just one of the things you can do when you have a net worth of roughly $120 million.

The photos of Miley in the striped getup were snapped yesterday as she was spotted leaving the MAC Make-up offices in Manhattan, so it’s there’s some sort of endorsement deal in the works behind the scenes. There’s nothing wrong in mixing a lil’ business with pleasure, right?

The red & white striped skirt & Mickey Mouse sweater getup was what Miley rocked when she hit the Marc Jacobs Fashion Show yesterday. We posted pics of a few of Marc Jacobs’s outfits from his runway show, so it’s very likely we might be seeing Miley rocking one of these scandalous shorts later this summer/fall.