Rihanna Hits London Fashion Week To Debut Her River Island Collection

Rihanna Parties Following Debut of Her High Street River Island Collection

While most of the styles are freaky (that’s the point, right?), I gotta admit, overall the collection is pretty damn sexy. Let’s hope River Island gets a few stores opened up in the U.S.—at least in NYC & L.A—so that chicks on this side of the pond eat this shit up. But what’s up with the “R” logo? It looks curiously similar to the logo for that old-school surfer brand ‘Rusty’ that some of you guys might remember. Anyway, check video from Saturday’s fashion show in London directly below.

As for the photos, the beanie pics are from Rihanna leaving L.A. & arriving at her London hotel, while the dress-up pics are from a party held at The Box Nightclub to celebrate the debut of her High Street River Island Collection as part of London Fashion Week.