Hana Nitsche Models Sexy Underwear For Adore Me Lingerie

hana-nitsche-adore-me-lingerie-021813 (14)

Yes, Hana Nitsche, the most current of Russell Simmons’s line of sugar babies actually does work from time to time when not being showered with all-expense paid vacations to St. Barts. Hana stripped down for the cameras to do some work for Adore Me Lingerie. We’re no experts on women’s lingerie since we mainly focus on Victoria’s Secret but after taking a look at the Adore Me website, there’s definitely some talent to view modeling their products. As for Hana, well, when the free trips and shopping sprees from Russell ends, sure life won’t be as grand given his $340 million net worth, but she’ll do just find getting half-naked for us to view.