Irina Shayk: The FACE of Beach Bunny Swimwear 2013

Irina Shayk Becah Bunny Swimwear

Irina Shayk might not be on the cover of the 2013 Sports Illustrate Swimsuit Issue (check out her pics here!) but she’s the face of Beach Bunny Swimwear for 2013. Back to the SI Swimsuit Issue but seriously, it must’ve been political (i.e. Irina didn’t sleep with the right person) to land the cover. As you can see from her no-show to the Las Vegas, Irina probably was pissed about not getting the cover that she did her duty for the NY party and bailed on the rest of them. Oh well, who cares, she’s not starving for work or attention. Enough talking and more Irina… video included!