Miranda Kerr Hits Pilates & Takes Her Son Flynn On A Playdate

Miranda Kerr Takes Flynn To A Playdate

Since Miranda Kerr returned to Los Angeles last Friday, she’s been spotted all over town with Flynn who appears to be stuck to his supermodel mommy. It’s weird how that kid insists on being carried as opposed to using his feet to walking around. It’s no wonder his designer baby kicks always look sparkling new. Then again, maybe it’s Miranda who’s afraid that one of the papz will do something stupid & Flynn will get traumatized.

These latest photos were snapped earlier this afternoon as Miranda first hit up a pilates class of her own & then took Flynn to a children’s gym where she met up w/ another kid for a good ole playdate. How do I go about signing up for one of these Miranda Kerr playdates? Sounds like fun…

By the way, some time over the weekend Miranda was spotted in Malibu sporting a tiny little black bikini while out with Flynn. How can we confirm it was Miranda? Well, who else has that cute little birthmark on her right butt cheek??