Run-on Reviews: Beyonce’s ‘Life Is But A Dream’ is Actually ‘Life is but a Tragedy’

Beyonce (2)-1

Besides learning a little about Beyonce’s pimp lifestyle, I had very low expectations going in (I do that with a lot of things in life), but I gotta admit, I still came out wholly disappointed only because aside from showing what we already know about her (i.e. takes her work extremely seriously, is a great singer, travels in private jets, vacations on her yacht in exotic places), I learned that Beyonce is also EXTREMELY lonely because half the footage for the documentary was Queen Bey talking to herself on a frickin’ laptop and not a single conversation with her husband she so dearly loves or even simple video footage of her playing with her baby girl Blue Ivy, whom we got a glimpse of for a few seconds and I gotta admit, she definitely looks more like Jay-Z than her mom, but let’s face it, Blue Ivy could have a third eye on her forehead & she’ll still live a more pimped-out life than we could ever dream of, but getting back to Beyonce docu, you could tell she treated the documentary like one of her songs she just sang in the studio because judging by how little it actually reveals about her life, it seems like nobody had the balls to give her any constructive criticism and Beyonce was overly reluctant to reveal too much and talking about revealing too much, is she on good terms with her dad or what because she made it seem like they no longer talk after she dumped his management services for Jay-Z, but that seems like a topic that needs to be explored further by a third party, but I feel like that’s going to be nearly impossible since she lives an extremely private lifestyle and won’t let anybody in aside from Jay-Z, her mom & her army of nannies—one of which needs to frickin’ sign a tell-all book deal so the world can know what’s going on back stage at the Carters—so yeah, if you want just get a blurry glimpse of Beyonce’s “life,” check this out, but keep in mind that this poor-excuse-for-a-documentary is just Beyonce & Jay-Z’s attempt to sell extremely pricey tickets to “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, which kicks off later this year.


  • bryanzee
    • MoeJackson

      bryanzee There was a clip of B singing on the docu and she was making really weird faces in that, as well…

  • Spanglylovesheels

    Not INTERESTED in this woman.

  • Jules

    jesus, what’s up with all the commas?

    • MoeJackson

      @Jules how are you supposed to write a really long run-on sentence without using too many commas?