Run-on Sentence Review: Walking Dead – Season 3 – Episode 10



I have to admit, at first I thought the second part of the third season that premiered earlier in the month was moving along dangerously slow making it seem like the writers were stuck from a story standpoint & didn’t know where to go, so they proceeded to let Hershel (a.k.a. ZOMBIES NEED TO EAT THE REST OF THIS GUY REAL QUICK) dribble on with completely useless bullshit that I can barely understand because I swear, if they killed off Hershel, that would leave us with only one overly-dramatic, slow talker in Rick and since he’s the main character, I doubt we’ll see him go anytime soon, but with Hershel gone, the show would move along at least 3x faster, but anyway, excuse the tangent and my desire to kill off the slow & old, but the latest episode was the same-old-same-old until you reached the final five minutes when all hell broke loose with the group at the prison got shitted on from multiple fronts: first with the evil, douchebag governor rolling up with his clowns & shooting up the place with assault rifles because he’s pissed they killed off his zombie daughter he kept as a pet, locked up in a cage, next to all his trophy zombie heads that he had floating around inside nicely stacked fish tanks at his fuck-pad and also because somebody stabbed him in one of his eyes—HOW THE HELL DID HE SURVIVE THAT?!?!—and besides the governor wreaking havoc, there was also a UPS truck-type of vehicle driven by some sort of short ninja that broke through the prison’s multiple gates & delivered 20 or so walkers onto the prison grounds, a few of which nearly killed Rick until he was miraculously saved by Daryl and Merle, who had decided to return back to the camp after Daryl finally came to his senses & realized his brother is a complete asshole with major social skills, but needless to say, I’m looking forward to next Sunday when I’m assuming shit will really go down between the Rick & his camp at the prison & the Governor & his town at Woodbury, which is currently being run by the Gov’s sex-toy, Andrea, who I’m pretty sure will come to her senses one of these episodes & put a bullet in the Governor’s head after they finish having sex & ultimately invite Rick & his peeps to Woodbury, only to make Rick the new governor—at least that’s how I see the story progressing.