SHOCKER: “Beautiful Creatures” Bombs


“The movie is based on the first in the best-selling series about a Southern misfit (Alden Ehrenreich) who falls under the spell of a teen witch (Alice Englert).”[HP]

Guess those supernatural teen love stories just ain’t what they used to be. At least the ones that don’t star Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

The newest entrant to the league of would-be Twilights, Beautiful Creatures, took in a mega-disappointing $7.5 million over its debut weekend, bringing its total domestic haul to just $10 million since Thursday. To give you some perspective as to how dismal a performance this is for the tween-powered franchise, the original Twilight also took in $7 million – on its opening day. It then went on to make almost $70 million over its first weekend.

So what went wrong? Well, it wasn’t the timing, since it was Valnetine’s Week. It wasn’t the competition, since the only other major release (Die Hard) was targeted at a totally different demographic. And it wasn’t even the movie, which was actually pretty decent as far as tween love stories go, and it managed to garner a relatively respectable reception from critics (which none of the Twilight films ever managed to do).

Methinks it was the casting: as talented as they are, neither Alden Ehrenreich or Alice Englert has the pinup appeal of Stewart or Pattinson. And these movies run (and crash) on how cute their leads are. Plus, forcing Emma Thompson and Jeremy Irons into performing very affected southern accents was pretty dumb. I mean, who wants to hear Scar and Nanny McPhee going on about plantation ghosts???

You can kiss the sequel goodbye.