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“Spring Breakers” Cast ALMOST Upstaged By Micaela Schaefer @ German Premiere

berlin-German premiere of Spring Breakers-1

Pictured: Ashley Benson, director Harmony Korine, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens; Micaela Schaefer

All I gotta say is that the girls are really lucky Michaela Schaefer actually decided to wear clothes to the premiere b/c let’s face it, she’s more woman than all three chicks combined. Sure she’s also more skanky than all-three combined (that’s debatable), but let’s not go there.

And also, what the hell happened to the director Harmony Korine’s wife Rachel following yesterday’s “Spring Breakers” premiere in Paris? It appears either he had to tell her to sit out this premiere or she had other engagements (highly doubtful it’s the latter), so we hope everything is going well with the couple. Don’t know about V-Hudge & Selena, but we’re pretty sure Harmony got a piece of Ashley during this entire process, especially if you consider all all the rumors flying around about Ash’s carefree attitude when it comes to banging her way through Hollywood.

The premiere was held at CineStar movie theater in Potsdamer Platz square in Berlin. Anybody else a little surprised that this film is getting so much premiere-love? I find it unbelievable, but considering the film’s low budget, I’m going to assume the girls are doing Harmony a big favor & doing it all for free.

berlin-German premiere of Spring Breakers-3a

Pictured: Ashley Benson, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens

Olivia Culpo & Maria Menounos Bring The Afternoon Links!


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Oscar Love Curse Victim? Anne Hathaway Walks Around With No Wedding Ring

**EXCLUSIVE** 'Les Miserables' actress Anne Hathaway leaves her wedding ring at home while she is out and about in Los Angeles

Everyone knows that Anne Hathaway will undoubtedly win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress on Sunday when the Academy Awards goes down in Los Angeles, so it was very interesting to see the “Les Miserables” actress cruising around her L.A. neighborhood with no wedding ring while wearing a funky sheer hat and sipping from a water bottle.

For those of you who don’t know anything about the Oscar Love Curse, let’s turn to the Wiki:

The Oscar love curse or Oscar curse is a superstition that the woman who wins the Academy Award for Best Actress will have her boyfriend or husband cheat on her or divorce her soon after. It has also been applied to the Best Supporting Actress. Source

According to the Wiki, here are the past ten winners who got their hearts crushed soon after the Oscars…

Susan Sarandon (1996 Dead Man Walking) and longtime partner Tim Robbins
Helen Hunt (1998 As Good as It Gets) and boyfriend later husband Hank Azaria
Julia Roberts (2001 Erin Brockovich) and boyfriend Benjamin Bratt
Halle Berry (2002 Monster’s Ball) and husband Eric Benet.
Charlize Theron (2004 Monster) and longtime boyfriend Stuart Townsend
Hilary Swank (2000 Boys Don’t Cry and 2005 Million Dollar Baby) and husband Chad Lowe
Reese Witherspoon (2006 Walk the Line) and husband Ryan Philippe
Kate Winslet (2009 The Reader) and husband Sam Mendes
Sandra Bullock (2010 The Blind Side) and husband Jesse James

After what happened to Anne’s first lover, let’s just pray that she’s getting her ring resized or something…

FIFA to use goal-line technology at World Cup; should other sports follow suit?


Even though it’s my favorite sport, I don’t cover too much soccer (feels weird saying that) or futbol, as I prefer to call it but I liked this news coming out from FIFA. This morning news came out that after a successful trial at the Cub WC in Japan last year, FIFA will be using goal line technology for the Confederations Cup this year, the World Cup in Brazil next seson and one assumes all major tournaments going forward. The program will be known as GLT (goal line technology) and here’s an ESPN article that explains the detail a bit more and the companies that have already been used and other companies that are submitting their own for consideration. For non soccer fans, one of the major reasons FIFA pushed the technology is because of a match between England and Germany last World Cup that included a very obvious goal that was missed by officials. That was an extremely rare situation but when the stage is that big, leagues must be ready to fix the situation and must have the technology ready at hand. So this news presents the question: should the NFL, MLB and even the NBA use it as an example and make changes in their leagues?

This question presents multiple scenarios for each league but I think the most obvious would be the NFL using the same type of goal line technology on scoring plays, presumably most would occur while the player is running. Not so much to do with catches, where things like two feet in and control throughout the catch matter. But how many times has a goal line play been unclear to replay cameras because of the pile of bodies? The NFL already uses tons of time to review a certain play so why not add technology that would make things go quicker and smoother? It’s about being progressive and using the technology available to make the game fair for equal teams. I don’t even want to get into how much it could benefit baseball, who seems to be living in the 80s and only uses replay to review whether or not a ball is fair/foul or if it’s a home run. Maybe some sort of touch technology that determines if a runner or a catcher touches home plate first? Seems like a those 1v1 home plate situations are just as important as a ball being fair or foul.

I’m not one to say that humans should just keep having less and less control as technology either. Human objectivity is impossible to replace but technology can help minimize the mistakes that referees make and help with calls that can’t be determined by constant replay on HD cameras. I don’t know if or when we’ll see this type of technology expand into the major sports of the US but i’m all for heading in that direction.

Alessandra Ambrosio & Her Family Cruise Around Santa Moinca

Alessandra Ambrosio Out For A Stroll With Her Family

These were snapped yesterday afternoon as supermodel mommy Alessandra Ambrosio was seen with her family out for a relaxing stroll in Santa Monica. Judging by these pics, Ale’s newborn baby boy Noah (9 months old) might just be a little cuter than fellow supermodel mommy Miranda Kerr’s two-year-old son Flynn. The little guy could be a diaper model for all we know.

As for Ale’s hubby-dubby Jamie Mazur, it looks like the dude has been packing on the pounds and might be getting a little too comfortable with his situation. Either he needs to start having more sex w/ his supermodel wifie (doubtful) or he needs to hit the gym, but the guy definitely needs to get his act together before Ale decides to go at it alone (with the help of her nanny army, of course).

And, last but not least, we got Anja! This chick is developing quite the personality for being so young. I love how she always fucks around w/ the papz by making funny faces.

Jamie Mazur, Anja, Alessandra Ambrosio & baby Noah

Kate Middleton Working Again: Walking, Waving, Smiling, Shaking Hands & Showing Her Legs.

Pregnant Kate Middleton Visits Hope House

We’re assuming Pregnant Kate, Duchess of Cambridge got bored sitting indoors watching “Real Housewives” all day, so we’re not surprised that she decided to return to her Royal duties, even though she’s on maternity leave at the moment. Now, that’s what we call a hard-working royal employee!! Earlier today she was seen making a Royal visit to Hope House in London where the beautiful princess met with clients & staff of the residential treatment center operated by Action on Addiction.

Kate looked beautiful in a very subdued dress by designer MaxMara & even though she isn’t showing a baby bump just yet, Kate played it safe by keeping her hands over her belly area when she wasn’t waving or shaking hands.

As for the thought bubbles over the men, we’re not 100% sure they were thinking about topless Kate the entire time, but we’re pretty sure the nude pics crossed their minds at least once during the meeting.

Oscar Pistorius Defense: Case Of Mistaken Identity; “Desperately Trying To Protect Reeva”

**BREAKING NEWS** South African sprint runner Oscar Pistorius aka the Blade Runner is charged with murder after his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was found dead with gunshot wounds at his home, after what was first thought to have been a Valentine's Day surp

“I fail to understand how I could be charged with murder, let alone premeditated murder, as I did not intend to kill my girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.”

We missed this in our earlier post since the statement was released in court earlier today. A sobbing Oscar Pistorius came into a packed courtroom on Tuesday to once again vehemently deny he murdered his beloved girlfriend, saying he was “desperately trying to protect Reeva” from what he thought was an intruder inside his home. Wait a minute, wasn’t Reeva supposed to be the intruder?! The dude is claiming the entire time he thought Reeva was sound asleep next to him and when he heard noises in the bathroom (assuming it’s the master bathroom inside the room where they sleep), he simply went into self-defense mode by grabbing his 9mm under his bed & blindly shooting at the bathroom door.

The statement specifically reads, “As I did not have my prosthetic legs on, I felt vulnerable for myself and Reeva.” His version of the story claims that at some point during the night he got up from bed to close a sliding balcony door when he heard noises in the bathroom. At that point, he went into a terrified trance recalling the death threats against him and quickly grabbed his gun, the entire time thinking Reeva was still in bed. To drive home the mistaken identity point even further, he claims to have screamed for Reeva to call the police.

Here’s the kicker: seconds after shooting into the bathroom, he realized that Reeva was not in bed & could’ve been inside the locked bathroom! It was only at that point that he put on his prosthetic legs, used a cricket bat to break open the door only to find poor Reeva slumped over the toilet, barely alive. We’re pretty sure he spent the next few minutes panicking at the fact that he just killed his girlfriend, but Oscar claims he instantly called for an ambulance and proceeded to take Reeva’s body downstairs, when she ultimately died in his arms.

The prosecution rebuttal was simple: A) Why would a burglar lock himself inside a bathroom? & B) Why would Reeva lock herself inside the bathroom if she was just taking a late night wizz? It’s possible Reeva was having some explosive diarrhea that night & didn’t want to wake Oscar, but even that’s a stretch. Oscar definitely didn’t think things through before releasing the statement…

Oscar ended with, “I believe forensic evidence will prove what I’m saying.”

Here’s a robot voice reading an article discussing Oscar’s statement in full detail:

Fashionable Ladies @ Celebration of The 2013 Vanities Calendar

Carly Craig, Brooklyn Decker, Minka Kelly, Olivia Munn, Ali Larter

Pictured: Carly Craig, Brooklyn Decker, Minka Kelly, Olivia Munn, Ali Larter

The fashionbale ladies came out for the Vanity Fair and Juicy Couture celebration of the 2013 Vanities Calendar with Olivia Munn at Chateau Marmont. The event was in support of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, a member of Feeding America and kicked-off Vanity Fair’s Campaign Hollywood 2013, a week of celebration leading up to the Academy Awards set for Sunday, February 24th. Read up on all the festivities, including tonight’s L’Oreal party featuring Freida Pinto.

Cote De Pablo, Kate Mara, Jaime King, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Louise Roe

Pictured: Cote De Pablo, Kate Mara, Jaime King, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Louise Roe

MIAMI: Claudia Romani Excited About AC Milan / Barcelona Champions League Match

Claudia Romani playing football in an AC Milan jersey and thong

Showing her team spirit, Claudia Romani donned her AC Milan jersey coupled with her favorite thong bikini bottoms and fishnet stockings as she kicked around a soccer ball at a park in Miami. The UEFA Champions League Round of 16 match between AC Milan and Barcelona goes down this Wednesday afternoon at 2:45PM (EST), so make sure all you soccer fans tune in. If Claudia wears this while practicing her moves outside, I’m kinda curious what she wears while she’s at home watching the game? Claudia, you better Tweet a pic on Wednesday!!

Also, don’t know how many of you bastards caught Lionel Messi’s history-making goals (#s 300 & 301) during this past Saturday’s game against Granada CF, but here they are again…

Beyonce All Over The Place; Covers Vogue; Scissored By Oprah! OW!


Photo Credit: Vogue Magazine, March 2013

For those of you give a shit, the Oprah’s interview with Beyonce was just as fake as Queen Bey’s documentary, which largely got panned by critics after it premiered on HBO this past Saturday.

Oprah starts off one part of her interview with, “In just a matter of less than two hours, your whole life is going to laid out before the world, in a way that we’ve never seen before.”

Wow. Did Opes watch a different documentary or what? We’re gonna assume Oprah is just following along a script given to her by Beyonce & Jay-Z b/c the parts of the interview I heard sounded so damn manufactured, almost as if we’re being force fed an image.

Watch a clip of the interview here:

Also, Oprah calls Beyonce’s film a “phenomenon” and goes further by saying, “I think it’ll go down in the history of films such as this as being a phenomenon.” Why don’t they both just strip down & scissor each other b/c that will convey the exact same message? God damn. Oprah can’t be so desperate these days that she’s willing to kiss so much ass. Here’s a short interview right before Beyonce’s documentary premiered in NYC:

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