Alessandra Ambrosio & Her Family Cruise Around Santa Moinca

Alessandra Ambrosio Out For A Stroll With Her Family

These were snapped yesterday afternoon as supermodel mommy Alessandra Ambrosio was seen with her family out for a relaxing stroll in Santa Monica. Judging by these pics, Ale’s newborn baby boy Noah (9 months old) might just be a little cuter than fellow supermodel mommy Miranda Kerr’s two-year-old son Flynn. The little guy could be a diaper model for all we know.

As for Ale’s hubby-dubby Jamie Mazur, it looks like the dude has been packing on the pounds and might be getting a little too comfortable with his situation. Either he needs to start having more sex w/ his supermodel wifie (doubtful) or he needs to hit the gym, but the guy definitely needs to get his act together before Ale decides to go at it alone (with the help of her nanny army, of course).

And, last but not least, we got Anja! This chick is developing quite the personality for being so young. I love how she always fucks around w/ the papz by making funny faces.

Jamie Mazur, Anja, Alessandra Ambrosio & baby Noah