Beyonce All Over The Place; Covers Vogue; Scissored By Oprah! OW!


Photo Credit: Vogue Magazine, March 2013

For those of you give a shit, the Oprah’s interview with Beyonce was just as fake as Queen Bey’s documentary, which largely got panned by critics after it premiered on HBO this past Saturday.

Oprah starts off one part of her interview with, “In just a matter of less than two hours, your whole life is going to laid out before the world, in a way that we’ve never seen before.”

Wow. Did Opes watch a different documentary or what? We’re gonna assume Oprah is just following along a script given to her by Beyonce & Jay-Z b/c the parts of the interview I heard sounded so damn manufactured, almost as if we’re being force fed an image.

Watch a clip of the interview here:

Also, Oprah calls Beyonce’s film a “phenomenon” and goes further by saying, “I think it’ll go down in the history of films such as this as being a phenomenon.” Why don’t they both just strip down & scissor each other b/c that will convey the exact same message? God damn. Oprah can’t be so desperate these days that she’s willing to kiss so much ass. Here’s a short interview right before Beyonce’s documentary premiered in NYC: