MIAMI: Claudia Romani Excited About AC Milan / Barcelona Champions League Match

Claudia Romani playing football in an AC Milan jersey and thong

Showing her team spirit, Claudia Romani donned her AC Milan jersey coupled with her favorite thong bikini bottoms and fishnet stockings as she kicked around a soccer ball at a park in Miami. The UEFA Champions League Round of 16 match between AC Milan and Barcelona goes down this Wednesday afternoon at 2:45PM (EST), so make sure all you soccer fans tune in. If Claudia wears this while practicing her moves outside, I’m kinda curious what she wears while she’s at home watching the game? Claudia, you better Tweet a pic on Wednesday!!

Also, don’t know how many of you bastards caught Lionel Messi’s history-making goals (#s 300 & 301) during this past Saturday’s game against Granada CF, but here they are again…