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Rihanna & Chris Brown in Hawaii: Smoking A Lot of Weed & Having Lots of Birthday Sex

Semi-Exclusive... Birthday Girl Rihanna & Chris Brown Enjoying More Then The Beach On Her Birthday

I guess they’re in the honeymoon period of their relationship #2, so it’s nice to see the pair enjoying themselves on a romantic getaway in Hawaii. The lovebirds were spotted taking a breather from long sessions of what we’re assuming was extremely rough birthday sex to enjoy a quiet stroll on the beach as they smoked a couple blunts to help relax.

There are multiple rumors floating around. The first is that Chris Brown might propose to Rihanna.

(I’ll give you guys a second to laugh a little.)

The second rumor is that Rihanna’s new strategy for her “second time’s a charm” relationship with Chris Brown is to supposedly have him smoke a lot of weed to help calm him down b/c let’s face it, judging by his random bouts of anger since his famous Grammy beat-down, the dude is literally a ticking time bomb & it’s only a matter of time until Rihanna pays the price. Let’s just pray the price is with bruises & broken bones as opposed to something far worse.

One thing is for sure though, Jay-Z seriously needs to protect his damn investment & figure out a creative way of getting rid of Chris Brown b/c this can potentially develop into something really tragic. Again, it’s only a matter of time.

Birthday Girl Rihanna & Chris Brown Enjoying More Then The Beach On Her Birthday


Tweeted Yesterday with, “Pour it up pour it up. Bad birthday behavior!”

Oscar Pistorius Should Just Confess; Possibly Suffers From Multiple Personality Disorder?

**BREAKING NEWS** South African sprint runner Oscar Pistorius aka the Blade Runner is charged with murder after his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was found dead with gunshot wounds at his home, after what was first thought to have been a Valentine's Day surp

Earlier today a detective testified in the Oscar Pistorius bail hearing and all we gotta say is that it’s not looking good for the former South African national hero. Along with providing further details about the crime scene, the detective also revealed that two boxes of testosterone & needles were recovered from Pistorius’ bedroom, although his lawyers claim the substances found were a legal “herbal remedy.” Obviously doping is the least of Oscar’s problems considering Detective Warrant Officer Hilton Botha revealed the following bits of info:

1. Detective Botha says he believed Pistorius “knew that Reeva was in the bathroom and he shot four shots through the door.” He added, “We believe he was moving into the bathroom firing. There was no escape for Steenkamp.”

2. Oscar has NOT given inconsistent statements (which doesn’t really make sense since he revealed a couple key holes in Oscar’s version of the incident)

3. Forensics evidence revealed that Pistorius shot at the door top down from a height of about five feet of distance. If you guys remember, Oscar said he shot at the door while on his stumps, so maybe he was jumping while shooting?

4. The 9mm holster was recovered on Reeva Steenkamp’s side of the bed, which calls into question Oscar’s version where he thought Reeva was still in bed.

5. After studying Reeva’s body, the detective said she absorbed shots to the right side of her head near the ear, right elbow & hip and he made sure to add that she sported no defensive wounds. You can interpret this bit of info in many ways, but does it favor the defense or the prosecution?

6. Botha said his team of investigators forgot to wear shoe covers & they also missed a spent bullet in the toilet bowl. Defense is claiming that they might have contaminated the crime scene (shows a little desperation on their part).

7. Also, investigators are searching for the “mysterious fifth cellphone” which could shed some light on final calls & texts leading up to the incident, but we’re gonna have to assume that phone is gone for good.

8. Two different neighbors heard arguments for nearly an hour coming from his home before the shooting.
Arguments were followed by screams, two gunshots, a 17-minute silence and then more shots.

Source: TheTimes

I wanted to add this comment by Gabbo on an earlier post, which included a floor plan of Oscar’s pimp-pad:

Here is a floorplan of his place. Apparently to get from the balcony to the bathroom, he has to go back through the master bedroom where he presumably puts on his legs (which he somehow doesn’t notice her in bed, but is able to get his legs and gun), goes through some type of walk through closet to get to the bathroom, where there is a locked room for the water closet. Yeah, ok.


Taylor Swift @ 2013 Brit Awards; Will She & Harry Styles Have Makeup Sex?

2013 Brit Awards

I feel like Harry Styles has Taylor Swift cornered. She either puts out or end up remain single for the foreseeable future. It’s fairly obvious that dudes have caught on to Taylor’s bullshit tactics where she simply dates guys at the top of their game simply to stay in the spotlight & remain relevant. Taylor, there are only so many dudes you can dupe before they stop biting.

I’ll admit that Taylor has been looking great on the red carpet as of late, but sadly, all the sexiness isn’t bearing any fruit or hooking any new guys. Which famous guy wants to wine & dine a multi-millionaire pop star & not even get the good ol’ suckie-suckie in return? They can easily invest a fraction of the dough & get somebody who’s 10x hotter to does a 100x more for them sexually, so there’s no reason to waste time & money with Taylor. Sure it sounds cold & harsh, but it’s the truth.

Brit Awards 2013 - Show

2013 Brit Awards

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Passes MoeJackson’s Patented Trash Bag Test


The Celebrity Trash Bag Test is obviously still a work in progress, but we’ll perfect it further in the coming months. The real test would be to get models & celebrities to don a black Hefty-brand trash bag for a few minutes, but unfortunately we’re not as lucky as Terry Richardson who can have his way with really hot models & celebrities. That bastard.

Anyway, these latest photos of supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley were snapped yesterday afternoon as she was seen arriving at LAX from London after attending London Fashion Week. Did you catch Rosie at the Burberry fashion show earlier in the week? CHECK IT!

Anne Hathaway @ 15th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway was honored last night at the 15th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Up for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her work in Les Miserables, Anne was presented with a spotlight award, which honors actors and directors for their collaborations with costume designers. Other attendees included Joel McHale included Jon Hamm, Connie Britton, Shirley MacLaine, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph and Russell Crowe. For more info, visit the Costume Designers Guild website.

Report: “Kim Totally Used Kanye For For His Sperm.”

Kim Kardashian734909-0-020-1

A mystery source tells Pulitzer-winning publication Star Magazine that Kim Kardashian is merely using Kanye for his powerful black sperm. “Kim wants everyone to think this pregnancy was completely spontaneous, but the truth is she made it happen,” the Bastardly Insider tells Star (or maybe someone in their creative writing department made it all up, but it makes for good gossip, right?). The insider continued, “She totally used Kanye for his sperm–she’s been on the hunt for a sperm donor ever since splitting from Reggie Bush. As soon as she realized Kris was a bad choice for a father, Kim ditched him and went after Kanye.”

In order to get her famous baby, the source claims that they were “having sex every second of the day. Kanye definitely thought it was weird, but he didn’t think too much of it.”

DUH! The guy was addicted to that that ass & I’m not surprised that he’s secretly getting played. As we’ve said all along, Kanye will fall hard once shit inevitably hits the fan. Let’s just hope he doesn’t completely lose his musical mojo once Kim spits him out.

If all that wasn’t enough, the source also dropped the in vitro fertilisation bomb, claiming she coaxed Kanye into having IVF—something her younger sister Khloe’s been trying for the past couple years. Kanye obliged simply because he’s “way more into her than she is into him. He would do anything for her,” the source claims. “That’s why the sob story worked out and he agreed to the in vitro. But if he hadn’t agreed to it, she would have left him in a heart beat and found a new baby dady. Kim totally used Kanye for his sperm.”

Damn, looks like somebody really hates Kim & wants these two broken up before the baby pops out. All this time I thought Kanye was under control of the situation b/c after all, he did convince Kim to leave her family reality show (or at least that’s what she’s saying right now). As I’ve stated from the very beginning, this will have a very tragic ending and the only person who’ll be left standing will be Kim’s evil mom. Ultimately, though, I feel like Kanye will destroy Kim & her family (in the recording studio), assuming he can pick up the pieces of his broken heart and get back to the biz of laying down killer beats.

Since Kanye’s sperm is in the center of all the drama, we might as well show case a couple pics from Kim’s first (of probably many) pregnancy shoots, this one with
1455733-5-1Photo Credit: (read the full interview at DuJour)

Snippets from the DuJour interview:

On going through her divorce from Kris Humphries:
“Going through a divorce for anybody is devastating and heartbreaking, and then to have to do it and feel like you have to explain what is happening is such an awkward thing.”

On her pregnancy:
“I just feel so blessed and excited and ready for the next phase.”

On her privacy:
“My boyfriend [Kanye West] has taught me a lot about privacy. I’m ready to be a little less open about some things, like my relationships. I’m realizing everyone doesn’t need to know everything. I’m shifting my priorities.”

Jennifer Lawrence Will Probably Win The Best Actress Oscar For Her Next David O. Russell Project

Abba touched on another David O. Russell-directed project yesterday in which Jennifer Lawrence is set to star alongside Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale and Amy Adams. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer will only make a cameo in the film, but THR also discovered yesterday that the highly talented young actress will team up with her “Silver Linings Playbook” director for a full feature tirled ‘The Ends of the Earth’.

The film is based on a true story about a powerful oil tycoon named Ernest Marland (Wiki), who loses everything after he is caught tied up in an affair with his adopted daughter Lydie Marland (played by Jennifer). If David O. Russell & Jennifer Lawrence aren’t big enough names, we should mention that the script was written by “Argo” scribe Chris Terrio, so the film definitely has an all-star backing. We’re gonna assume this is the big fish that Jennifer needs to bag herself that elusive Best Actress Oscar.

D.O.Russ only has the kindest things to say about J.Law:

“Jennifer possesses a self-deprecating humor that made all of the cast and crew feel at ease,” Russell tells THR in a statement. “She is that kind of person.”

He continues: “She is the most dedicated person I know. She is devoted to her family, and they have been the true inspiration for her character and integrity. Her acting is effortless, and she always makes it look easy.” THR

MILFy Catwalkers: Jessica Alba vs Halle Berry vs Alessandra Ambrosio vs Ali Larter

Alessandra Ambrosio Drops Off Anja At School

Pictured: Alessandra Ambrosio, Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, & Ali Larter

All our favorite celebrity MILFs were out in full force yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles running their various errands. From a style standpoint, all four ladies rarely disappoint and their latest outings certainly supported those claims. Check the gallery for more juice on each.

Happy 25th Birthday To Rihanna; We’re Celebrating With Sexy Photos!


So, did she have violent birthday sex with Chris Brown or what? I’m really confused who’s banging her these days because literally all over the place.

We don’t normally do this, but since Rihanna is one of the hardest working girls in the entertainment biz, we figured she deserved a birthday shout-out! I know most of you don’t agree, but I really dig this chick’s fashion sense only because she takes risks first & then thinks about it later. I guess she does the same thing in the relationship department, as well, but we won’t go there!

If you have some sticky-icky stashed away, fill up a bowl or roll up nice doobie & fly into the trees while you enjoy beautiful pics of Rihanna.

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