DAYUM!! Rihanna Turns 25; Shows Off Bikini Body While Smoking A Birthday Blunt!


Happy 25th Birthday, RiRi!

God damn, this chick is seriously into anything, huh? Screw Beyonce’s fake-ass documentary! Why doesn’t Jay-Z convince Rihanna to make one of those b/c you know she’s gonna say & do whatever the fuck comes to her mind. I’m pretty sure execs at Showtime would jump at the opportunity to run through the multi-million dollar numbers.

As for these latest photos, Rihanna donned an extremely tiny bikini as she was flying high–real high! She had one of her bastardly friends take pics of her enjoying a fat blunt so that her Internet friends on Twitter & Instagram could see her relaxing following a busy couple days at London Fashion Week. Talk about living the fucking life!

We should note that Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour 2013 kicks off on March 8 in Buffalo, NY & runs through July 28 for a total 71 shows—Frickin’ crazy!. For all tour dates, check here.