Rihanna & Chris Brown in Hawaii: Smoking A Lot of Weed & Having Lots of Birthday Sex

Semi-Exclusive... Birthday Girl Rihanna & Chris Brown Enjoying More Then The Beach On Her Birthday

I guess they’re in the honeymoon period of their relationship #2, so it’s nice to see the pair enjoying themselves on a romantic getaway in Hawaii. The lovebirds were spotted taking a breather from long sessions of what we’re assuming was extremely rough birthday sex to enjoy a quiet stroll on the beach as they smoked a couple blunts to help relax.

There are multiple rumors floating around. The first is that Chris Brown might propose to Rihanna.

(I’ll give you guys a second to laugh a little.)

The second rumor is that Rihanna’s new strategy for her “second time’s a charm” relationship with Chris Brown is to supposedly have him smoke a lot of weed to help calm him down b/c let’s face it, judging by his random bouts of anger since his famous Grammy beat-down, the dude is literally a ticking time bomb & it’s only a matter of time until Rihanna pays the price. Let’s just pray the price is with bruises & broken bones as opposed to something far worse.

One thing is for sure though, Jay-Z seriously needs to protect his damn investment & figure out a creative way of getting rid of Chris Brown b/c this can potentially develop into something really tragic. Again, it’s only a matter of time.

Birthday Girl Rihanna & Chris Brown Enjoying More Then The Beach On Her Birthday


Tweeted Yesterday with, “Pour it up pour it up. Bad birthday behavior!”

  • WeeItsNookies

    Must be nice being a Michael jackson wannabe and woman hitter only to end up boinking someone somewhat attractive in Hawii smoking blunts all day. Fuck this lucky fuck tard. FUCK

  • skilligan

    again, i just hope when he beats her again he doesn’t kill her and somebody then kills him

  • lenilovesfeet

    She has such a sexy body. I like her face, too. I don’t get it why she is attracted to this repulsive man, I get the “bad boy” attraction but he’s so fucking ugly.

  • bryanzee

    Her Rollingstone pics were FUCKING AWESOME

    Chris is definitely a luck dude, people need to get over his dumb fuck mistake already, she obviously has, live and let live, folks.

  • rihanna is  such a freaky freak. whatever happened to the sweet “Umbrella” singer?