Taylor Swift @ 2013 Brit Awards; Will She & Harry Styles Have Makeup Sex?

2013 Brit Awards

I feel like Harry Styles has Taylor Swift cornered. She either puts out or end up remain single for the foreseeable future. It’s fairly obvious that dudes have caught on to Taylor’s bullshit tactics where she simply dates guys at the top of their game simply to stay in the spotlight & remain relevant. Taylor, there are only so many dudes you can dupe before they stop biting.

I’ll admit that Taylor has been looking great on the red carpet as of late, but sadly, all the sexiness isn’t bearing any fruit or hooking any new guys. Which famous guy wants to wine & dine a multi-millionaire pop star & not even get the good ol’ suckie-suckie in return? They can easily invest a fraction of the dough & get somebody who’s 10x hotter to does a 100x more for them sexually, so there’s no reason to waste time & money with Taylor. Sure it sounds cold & harsh, but it’s the truth.

Brit Awards 2013 - Show

2013 Brit Awards

  • lenilovesfeet

    I think she looks great, I really like the shape of her lips.

  • skilligan

    meh, does nothing for me

  • jimbo 77

    Whats with these girls they break up with someone then go out looking 10 times hotter than when they were with the guy, its just a pure slap in the face and makes us lads feel miserable

  • McP

    Would devour her.

  • JeffreySeanKeith

    So totally fucking hot,I have become a big fan,she has raised her game a lot,I’d hit it,just beautiful,wow!

  • 34RahimCassell

    Long time taylor swift fan, but still veteran as she still well fine role model.

    • CaithlinLeary

      @34RahimCassell CaseyMotoGPFan lives…