BREAKING!! Josh Hutcherson Feeds Parking Meter Using A Credit Card!

Josh Hutcherson starts the day off as a brunette and later emerges as a blonde while out in Los Angeles

Why isn’t this dude out with hot chicks each night of the week? Don’t tell me he has that many projects on his plate that he doesn’t have time to fan the flames of his libido. He’s only 20, for God’s sake! To Josh’s credit, he did get a piece of Vanessa Hudgens not long ago & I’m sure that was fun. He needs to get his shit together and go after Victoria Justice, Ashley Benson (shouldn’t be too difficult) & Selena Gomez. Chop-Chop, Josh! You’re young only once.

And, while we’re on the topic of Josh & girls, we gotta plug his photo-op w/ the leading young hotties of Hollywood:

The Weinstein Company's 2013 Golden Globe Awards Party