Nicole Scherzinger Passed On Three MegaHit Tracks


“They’d sent me a few dance tracks and I wasn’t able to get to them and I was like, ‘Oh there’s so much dance and I want to take a break from it,'”[HP]

Nicole Scherzinger is known for a lot of things – her full lips, her song contestant judging skills, and a few memorable appearances on the red carpet. But one thing you may not know about her is that the former Pussycat Dolls singer passed onnot just one, but three songs that went on to become chart toppers.

According to a recent interview with Notion Magazine, Scherzinger was offered sings like “We Found Love”, “Crazy”, and “Just Dance”. You and your iPod will recall that Rihanna went on to croon “We Found Love” and Lady Gaga’s breakout dance hit was “Just Dance.”

Does Scherzinger regret these missed opportunities? We’re gonna go ahead and assume yes.

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