Selena Gomez Takes A Bong Hit In The New “Spring Breakers” Red Band Trailer

Selena Gomez: Spring Breakers Trailer

God damn, this movie is single-handedly going teach a lot of young girls how to be trouble-making, skanky-ho bitches! Aaah, to be young again…

And Remember, all our “Spring Breakers” related content has its own category. For those of you missed photos of last night’s Madrid premiere, CHECK IT (photo call here)!

  • OMG, there’s nudity on the Moe site. I’m calling the PTA and FCC.

    • MoeJackson

      Gabbo we’re officially in the “don’t give a shity any more” mindset all over again.

      • MoeJackson Thumbs up.

  • MundoLopez1

    She probably does this shit every freaking day…

  • johnconnor777

    damn you James Franco! I bet you screw the Jacuzzi scene a hundred times to have to repeat it again and again