Moms In Tow Matchup: Hilary Duff vs Rachel Zoe vs Jessica Alba vs Ali Larter

Hilary Duff, Rachel Zoe, Jessica Alba, Ali Larter

Pictured: Hilary Duff, Rachel Zoe, Jessica Alba, & Ali Larter

You’ll find more info about each mom & kid in the gallery, but I think I’ll make a couple obvious observations: Hilary Duff is always dressed to impress—regardless of whether she’s getting groceries or hitting up Pilates, the chick takes care of herself. And secondly, Rachel Zoe’s son Skyler is consistently the most stylist boy in Hollywood. I guess having a mom who’s a celebrity stylist-turned world-famous luxury designer gives him a slight edge over the other celeb kids who would probably spend most of their nibbling on their fedora as opposed to wearing it on their heads. The kid is gonna be a real boy-diva when he gets a lil’ older!