Oscar 2013 Red Carpet: Anne Hathaway Wore Her Prada Nipples. Aaw.


First of all, congrats to Anne for winning the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for her work in ‘Les Miserables’. Now, let’s see if the Oscar Love Curse bites Anne in the coming weeks. Also, I wonder what Sandra Bullock was thinking when Anne Hathaway was dropping those sweet words for her hubby. Ouch.

What’s up with Anne Hathaway’s stylist throwing her under the bus at these major events? The Best Supporting Actress nominee was wearing a sheer white Prada dress. After the whole crotch incident at the “Les Miserables” premiere in NYC, you’d think they’d play it a little safer.

Then again, she did say she chose the dress just three hours before appearing on the red carpet, so that’s a lesson for all you ladies! Make sure you test your dresses in cold temps before hitting the Oscars red carpet!

  • lenilovesfeet

    I think she looks hideous.

  • skilligan

    her speech was terrible, she had a world class designer put seams at her nipples, she is a mess

  • I like it, she looks horny, splendid look.

  • You missed her pre Oscars comment when being interviewed. Something like, “My backside is ready to party.” Heh, accidental anal jokes. She was the biggest shoein of the Oscars. My bookie had it as: you had to bet $2000 to win $10. Yikes.

    • McP

      Gabbo She said her dress was business in the front, party in the back.

  • LoveToHate

    I hate her face so much.