Fashionable Meat Lovers Walk The Oscar 2013 Red Carpet

Queen Latifah, Ben Falcone, Melissa McCarthy, Adele

Pictured: Queen Latifah, Ben Falcone & Melissa McCarthy, Adele

We had to show some love a little more love to the Oscars attendees. There must be a joke or pun somewhere between these being some celebrity leftover and being classified in the Meat Lovers category, right? Anyways, to note, Adele did take home an Oscar for Best Original Song for “Skyfall” from Skyfall. Check out the full list of winners and for more coverage, visit the Oscars official website.

  • bryanzee

    This is all you JimmyBrown LOL

  • MoeJackson

    Love this
    you won’t be seeing these ladies anywhere else

  • lenilovesfeet

    All these women are pretty.

  • skilligan

    all three don’t have bas faces but Melissa McCarthy bothers me the most of the 3 because I don’t think she could make it big skinny, while Queen Latifah and Adele just are talented people who happen to be a little bigger

  • McP

    I’d feast on Adele for days.

    • bryanzee


      da fuck is wrong with u niga

      • McP

        bryanzee McP She’s gorgeous and talented. You’d like it if you tried it.