Bobby Flay’s Wife Stephanie March Might Need To Invest In Her Bikini Body

**EXCLUSIVE** Law & Order SVU star Stephanie March shows off her bikini body with husband Bobby Flay on Miami Beach

For those of you who haven’t heard of Stephanie March, the 38-year-old actress is best known for her portrayal of Alexandra Cabot on the television series ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’. She’s also starring in the upcoming CBS drama ‘Made in Jersey’. Aside from her successful television career, Stephanie isn’t doing all that badly in her private life either. She’s the proud wife (at least we hope so) of celebrity chef Bobby Flay. They’ve been married for nearly eight years, so many congrats to both for staying together so long.

As for her body, our recommendation is to always tighten things up sooner than later. When you have money to throw around & you can write off the expenses in your taxes, then why not invest a little in the nip/tuck department? There’s nothing wrong with tightening things up a bit when necessary, right? She has a great set of natural boobs, but you can tell gravity is beginning to win the battle.

These were snapped yesterday afternoon in Miami Beach as the hard-working couple enjoys some luxurious R&R. It’s not all R&R b/c her husband’s in the city for the SOBE Food & Wine Festival. Here’s a pic of them both lounging & enjoying the company of their respective cellphones. Hey, they’ve been married since 2005, so nobody is expecting them to be all over each other.

**EXCLUSIVE** Law & Order SVU star Stephanie March shows off her bikini body with husband Bobby Flay on Miami Beach

  • skilligan

    regular ass body but not everyone can be a model

  • lenilovesfeet

    She looks fine to me. Not a model’s body but she has a flat stomach, nice hips and ok legs. She looks good.

  • johnconnor777

    compare to Kate Uptown’s body she looks like a fitness model

  • Made in Jersey is already cancelled

  • skilligan

    regular ass body but not everyone can be a model

  • barton

    nip and tuck? What a stupid idea. If you can’t age naturally, then you’re an insecure shithead.

  • Camay

    Listen. She is a beautiful woman period. Leave it alone!… Two things, first and foremost, that particular style of bikini offers zero support ( kind of like the writer of article) and is unflattering on most women. Second, I dare say it is sexist to suggest she need surgery to appear 12 years old again ( again I question the writer and his blatant misoginist views of women:(

  • Natalie

    I hope you are kidding. She is gorgeous with a real body . Ridiculous and disappointing that you can even be so irresponsible in what you are suggesting. How’s your body looking ?

  • mac143kaw

    She looks great. Nor all stars want or need surgery to look beautiful and she’s one of them. Usually the one making negative comments is just jealous they don’t look that good!!!!

  • jlshultz

    Perhaps you should utilize the zoom lens on your camera, cause your opinion of her body image seems to be the only one that’s distorted…..

  • Keepitreal

    I’m squinting and enlarging the photos to see just what you think is wrong with her body. Besides that, what nip and tuck looks good? Surgery always makes people look like people who have had surgery and unless you need it because you were in some crazy accident, stay away! I’ve dealt with my share of once-arm-candies turned old people with pulled skin and it’s not a pretty sight! I might also add that I’m surprised she’s NOT heavy with the food she must eat being married to a chef! I worked for Bobby Flay and mg mouth still waters thinking about some of his dishes.

  • emmaromilio