Stacy Keibler Runs Errands Wearing The Most Uninspiring Outfit Ever

Stacy Keibler

A day after walking the red carpet at the Oscars, Stacy Keibler was spotted out running some errands in Los Angeles. In her hand is a bottle of Natural Skin Care Oil – Grapeseed by Aura Cacia. Yes, you too can care for your skin like Stacy by purchasing this $8.99 bottle of skin care oil. Anyway, we know what you’re thinking, and that’s “What the fuck is up with this outfit?”, right? Stacy not only covered up practically every inch of her body but also made sure she wore loosely-fitting clothing so that we could comment on her tight body. Talk about a disappointment, right? Hit up the Gallery for a recap of Stacy’s Oscar outfit because those are 100x better to look at that this all-black thing she’s got going here.