So, is Seth MacFarlane Getting a Piece of Charlize Theron?


Credit: EW

Ya, the rumors are swirling & I the only reason they’re swirling is because, given the chance, who the hell wouldn’t take a stab at asking out a woman like Charlize Theron. I’d love to say that Seth will make a perfect father figure for Charlize’s son Jackson & provide her with the stability she needs in her love life, but I highly doubt that’s the case. From his perspective, sure it’s frickin’ Charlize Theron, but why would a King Sugar Daddy like Seth MacFarlane close himself off from the Los Angeles hottie pool for a few months? I think he’s too smart for that, to be honest.

What’s everyone’s take?

  • JimmyBrown1

    i don’t see the big deal here, she has no body whatsoever.

  • skilligan

    she’s elite and he’s very lucky

  • curvefan

    Charlize looks amazing but she is hardly a rocket
    scientist. My guess is she likes a hard one as much as most heterosexual women.I doubt she is thinking long term.I sure hope somebody is getting her.

  • They’ve been friends a long time. She loves his sort of comedy. Add that he can sing and dance and is loaded. It’s not like he’s a bad catch.

  • assman8

    I highly doubt Seth is getting a piece of that. Look at Charlize’s reaction to that stupid song he sang at the Oscars:

     But anyway, who cares about Charlize? The bigger crime is that this unfunny hack is banging Khaleesi

    • saiftg

      assman8 The reaction shots were pre recorded, so she was in on the joke