Karina Derizans of CW’s “The Catalina” Bikini Photos in Miami

Karina Derizans

From last week, Karina Derizans of CW’s (since-canceled) The Catalina hit up the beach to show off her thong-wearing bikini body. The show had a six-episode run last year and Karina was the Venezuelan front desk hottie. As you can see for Karina, getting in front of the camera got her in shape. Back in June 2012 the cast did a promo photoshoot and Karina looks like she had a little more meat on the bones (no complaints here); now she’s toned-up and looks like she’s hitting the tanning salon too. Anyway, with The Catalina probably never getting mentioned ever again, our Bastardly suggestion for the Karina’s next logical step is to hit up Hef; we’re sure she’ll sell some magazines.