BREAKING! Claudia Romani Hits The Beach In Miami!

Claudia Romani in a white thong bikini at the beach in Miami

While most of robots suffer through another day of work, Italian bikini model Claudia Romani was once again spotted at the beach in Miami, this time chatting away on her phone. In her latest outing, Claudia was wearing a very stylish patterned bikini coupled with a thong bottom that was covered by a hot-pink sarong.

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  • MauricioMorejon

    Claudia My Friend ,I’ll am Proud to be Your Friend and Support of my say-You Look Soo Beautiful and Really Soo Gorgeous also Really Sweeeet to me……………………….:)

  • skilligan

    love the booty, makes up for the face

  • bryanzee

    Where the brown bag at , Moe

  • RoxyGilmour

    Face is not good.