NYC: Maria Menuonos Visit NBC Studios for “The Today Show”

Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos wasn’t at The Grove to film Extra but rather was in NYC at the NBC Studios for the Today Show. Maria was in New York for to promote her partnership with Marshalls by shopping for some “Fabulous Finds”. Basically Marshalls wants you to know that if Maria can find some fabulous items that she’ll stock in her closet then you can too. Wonder how much they paid Maria to partner up. As a reminder, Marshalls wants you to know that you’ll pay up to 60% less than department store prices.

  • MundoLopez1

    Humm, no ass shots…but I guess it was cold I’ll let it go for now, maybe next time.

  • skilligan

    legs aren’t looking so good

  • xenia

    I’m surprised how many men notice a woman’s legs.. I’ve always thought they look at face, boobs, butt and belly..

    • Nobodysfaultbutmine

      xenia For me, legs are the most important feature on a woman. Second, would be hair. I wouldn’t say Maria has pretty legs, but she does have beautiful hair.

  • mike

    howard stern show ruined her for me.  Dumb as a rock,  should not do interviews

  • lenilovesfeet

    I like her face, she’s very attractive despite of those awful legs.

  • MundoLopez1

    Well Maria is not a VS model or any model for that matter, so I guess it’s not expected to have beautiful legs, and even some that are models don’t have beautiful legs, but I do think Maria is very attractive lady, and also has an attractive body, she dresses right and is okay in my opinion…I would be a very happy man with a wife like her, or someone similar to her….

    • Nobodysfaultbutmine

      MundoLopez1 Most models don’t have great legs. The only models that come to mind the have great legs are Kelly Brook, Irina Shayk, Miranda (they are a little too thin, but still nice) and Lily Aldridge. Maria is beautiful and has an amazing ass.

      • MundoLopez1

        I agree 100% on your comment…there are very few models that have nice legs, most are too skinney, with no shape at all, I think, of course any of those models are only for fantasizing, Maria well, also but she seems to be a more down to earth person..I guess that’s why I like her, plus she’s got all the necessary tools to make any man happy…IMHO..

  • curvefan

    I like a woman with some shape and tone to her legs
    which is usually associated with being a dancer or athlete. Keibler sets the
    standard for legs to me.Maria has a top
    5 ass.