Claudia Romani Looked Her Usual Beautiful Bikini Self In Miami

Claudia Romani Bikini

Better late than never, right? Claudia Romani spent Friday afternoon soaking up the sun in one of many Masquenada bikinis. The Italian beauty was definitely working her bikini bod giving the paparazzi a fantastic view. We expect no less this upcoming week and we’re sure Claudia is ready for the return leg between AC Milan and Barcelona. Bet we know which team she’ll be cheering. No worries Claudia, like we said, your multitude OW will be back after Tuesday’s match.

  • MundoLopez1

    Man that is one awesome body, skin looks so nice, and awesome shape…just the face is what I can’t approve of completely…lol that arrow was almost placed up her poop shoot…

  • johnconnor777

    Meh, there are too many posts of this butta face on this site…

    • bryanzee



  • Spanglylovesheels

    get a job already!

    • Bozz

      Spanglylovesheels Spangly, that IS her job.