Celeb Cars: Steven Tyler’s $1.1 Hennessey Venom GT Spyder; Arnold’s New SLS Roaster

Steven Tyler Leaves A Dinner Party In His $1.1 million dollar Hennessey Venom GT Spyder convertible

Not that either of these guys needs a sweet ride to flex their sugar daddy muscles (especially Arnold), but hey, when you got the cash, why not blow it on beautiful & expensive gifts for yourself? Let’s just hope Arnold’s actually using all this single time to sleep with hot women as opposed to having unprotected sex with overworked housekeepers.

As for Steven Tyler, we all know that guy’s still getting laid each night of the week, even though he’s hitting 65 on March 26. The Aerosmith frontman’s sweet ride was apparently the first one five cars scheduled for delivery in 2013. Here’s more about the car:

The Venom GT Spyder is an open-top version of the Venom GT. Having decided to order a Venom GT, Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler approached Hennessey in Autumn 2011 and asked if an open-top version could be created. After making suitable structural changes which added 30 pounds (14 kg) to the curb weight, the company increased the engine boost to 1,244 brake horsepower (928 kW) to keep the power/weight ratio at one horsepower-per-kilogramme. [Source]

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Steven Tyler In A Hennessey Venom GT