From Airports to The Streets of L.A.: Jessica Alba Shows Her Perfect Style

Jessica Alba is seen at JFK Airport in New York City ahead of her promotional activities for her new book, 'The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You

Jessica Alba always has something on her schedule—whether she’s hitting up high-end designer fashion shows in Paris or she’s cruising around with her family around L.A. or paying her offices at a quick visit in Santa Monica, the woman is nearly always dressed to the nines!

Most recently J.Alba was seen catwalking through JFK airport last night as she arrived into the city to promote her new book, ‘The Honest Life: Living Naturally & True to you’. The book sounds more like a sales pitch for than a self-help book, but I guess it would be unfair to judge before actually reading the thing. If any of you guys get around to it, please let us know.

Earlier in the weekend on Saturday (March 9), Jessica Alba was spotted with hubby Cash Warren scoping out a property in Beverly Hills. Looks like business at is going real well considering these guys are looking to upgrade their lifestyle by possibly building a plush new pad in a yuppier zip code. Jessica looks like she rolled out of bed after a long night of love-making (hah–Cash wishes that was the case), but some how, still manages to pull off the look.

And finally, I’ve been wanting to post this photo of J.Alba catwalking around Santa Monica wearing a bright yellow sweater for a few days now. I’m not really digging the rolled up jeans & boots, but hey, Jessica’s allowed a few liberties when it comes to styling. Even though she’s completely covered up, I feel like she still looks really sexy, but that’s mainly because she’s not moping around looking like she wants to shoot up the papz.

Jessica Alba & Cash Warren Checking Out Some Property

Pictured: Jessica & Cash checking out property.