Jessica Alba Promotes Her New Book At A Church in Coral Gables

Jessica Alba discusses her book 'The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You' in Coral Gables, Florida

Wow, did Jessica Alba really do a book signing at a frickin’ church? Really?

The beautiful actress & mother of two was at the Coral Gables Congregational Church in Florida to discuss her new book ‘The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You’ with fans. Damn, J.Alba’s going all out with this promo tour—she’s smiling more often, hit up random churches, so what’s next?

  • lenilovesfeet

    Few years ago I didnt’t like her eyebrows. What was I thinking? They are perfect for her face.
    She has one of the prettiest smiles I’ve ever seen.

    • xenia

      lenilovesfeet her eyebrows are not bad but a little too straight for my taste

      • lenilovesfeet

        That’s exactly what I thought, that they were too straight, so I use photoshop to change them and the result was awful. I realized straight eyebrows suit her best.

  • skilligan

    best smile in the Hollywood, i think that is why she doesn’t smile all the time

  • TheGaul

    So nice how she’s peddling a book about “Honest life” and being true to yourself… while she’s sporting a touched-up nose. It is a great nose job though.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    I honestly can’t fake any love for her.