Stylish Ben Affleck Back To Sporting Lucky Beard; Needs To Wash His Tesla Model S!

Semi-Exclusive... Ben Affleck Visits A Studio In Santa Monica

Oscar winning screenwriter & director Ben Affleck was seen heading to a studio in Santa Monica yesterday afternoon dressed to impress.

So, does this dude wake up & have clothes chosen by his stylist (assuming it’s Rachel Zoe since she already styles his wife) or does he just have a great sense of style? I’m gonna go w/ the former only because the dude seems a little too busy to worry about what type of jeans go best with his biker leather jackets & also, those shoes don’t like something you just go to the store & randomly pick up.

  • MundoLopez1

    Well at least he’s not showing his butt like this young kids of today…

  • Bozz