L.A.: Charlize Theron Rocks New Balance Kicks Walking w/ Son Jackson

Charlize Theron & Jackson Take Their Dogs For A Walk

The “Prometheus” actress Charlize Theron was seen going for a nice walk with her son Jackson & their dogs at L.A.’s popular Runyon Canyon Park. The 37-year-old Oscar-winning beauty is currently in search for a father figure for her son Jackson, so all interested parties better get in touch with somebody from Charlize’s camp in order to make your case. Not only do you get a handsome and well-behaved Jackson as a son, but you also get an all-access pass to Charlize’s body. Just think about the possibilities.

From a release standpoint, Charlize is taking it easy in 2013, but she has two big films hitting theaters in 2014. “Mad Max: Fury Road,” is easily the most anxiously awaited of the two, and it comes a total of 35 years after the original film and 29 years after the most recent installment. British actor Tom Hardy will play the lead as Mad Max. Here’s some recent news from the film’s production:

Filming finally began in July 2012 in Namibia, more than eighteen months late. The filming wrapped on December 17, over-budget and with studio Warner Bros having sent out an executive to put things back on track. Miller announced that they would be returning to Namibia for pick-ups in early 2013 and the rest of the year would be taken up by CGI work and the conversion to 3D before a Christmas or New Year release.

In February 2013, the Namibian Coast Conservation and Management group accused the producers of damaging parts of the Namib Desert, endangering a number of plant and animal species. Source

Charlize Theron & Jackson Take Their Dogs For A Walk

  • skilligan

    love her long legs

  • Bozz

    I will watch Mad Max for Tom Hardy only.

    • Nobodysfaultbutmine

      @Bozz Have you seen Warrior? Awesome movie.

      • Bozz

        Nobodysfaultbutmine goddang, I forgot to watch that movie! I have it since last year. wtf me.

        • Nobodysfaultbutmine

          @Bozz Nobodysfaultbutmine If you like Tom Hardy, you will love the movie, since he’s shirtless for most of the movie. Lol. It has a great storyline.

    • RoxyGilmour

      Bozz You like Tom Hardy too? Oh yeah, he is sexy as hell.

  • 3rdHiltonSister

    those babies look weird.