Fashion Rating: Alessandra Ambrosio Walks Around With No Makeup & Dyed Jeans

Alessandra Ambrosio visits Restoration Hardware in West Hollywood, CA.

Aside from chicks rocking wedged sneakers, the other big Hollywood Trend is printed or freakishly dyed jeans. As with most types of clothes, if you’re a Victoria’s Secret lingerie model, you could walk around covered in used condoms & people would still find it sexy, so normal-looking chicks need to beware.

In recent Ale news, we’re sad to report that Alessandra was eliminated in the first round of our March Madness Hotties Tournament. Her quick exit was courtesy of fellow Victoria’s Secret co-worker Doutzen Kroes, so it’s not all bad.

  • skilligan

    holding up strong

  • lenilovesfeet

    I like Ale’s smile alot, don’t like her short legs, they are getting shorter and shorter with each post lol

    • curvefan

      lenilovesfeet She is suppose to be 5″10″ but I agree she looks shorter.