Heat win streak to 27, John Wall drops 47 and everything else around the NBA


The biggest question for during this remarkable streak that the Miami Heat are on: what has been the most impressive part of this team? There are the obvious ones that include how dominant LeBron has looked and played or their ability to comeback from deficits and play their best basketball in the 4th quarter. For me it’s how the Heat’s offense (even last night without Wade) works like a well-oiled machine and when it’s peak hits, every other team in the NBA is clearly a notch under them. Last night was a dominant performance as the Heat beat the Magic 108-94 and extended their second-longest win streak in NBA history to 27. The few games before last night’s game looked like the Heat were starting to show signs to slowing down, needing comebacks late in games but against the Magic it was different. No Dwyane Wade? It wasn’t too noticeable as other role players stepped up and worked around the LeBron (24 pts, 11 ast, 9 reb) who despite a slow start, looked as dominant as ever by the end of the game. The 33-game record is still a bit out of sight but as the Heat inch closer to it, the more evident it becomes that this team can reach the mark. Tomorrow’s game in Chicago might prove to be tough but all signs point to Sunday night’s game in San Antonio as the real barrier that is going to define this streak. Until then, enjoy watching this Heat team make a bit of history.

We could spend all day talking about the Heat and the streak they’re on but let’s take a look at what else went down around the Association last night. Performance of the night goes to John Wall (47 pts, 7 reb, 8 ast) who had a career night and absolutely torched the Grizzlies as the Wizards beat them in DC 107-94. It was just one of those nights for Wall, scoring 10 in the first quarter and continuing to be unstoppable as the game went on. Not only was Wall’s career-high unexpected because it was against the defensive minded Grizzlies but also because the Wizards were missing some of their good role players. Even RG3 (fellow young DC-area sports star) took notice of the performance, so major props to Wall as he continues to take steps towards being the best PG in the league one day.

The Nuggets were on a less media-covered 15 game winning streak of their own but without key player Ty Lawson on the floor, it proved to be too big of a loss and the streak ended against the Hornets. The bright side for the Nuggets is that during their streak, they’ve easily turned into the team in the west that nobody wants to face come playoff time. Other headlines included the Lakers continuing to struggle to figure things out, losing their 3rd in a row and putting the Jazz and my Mavs back in real contention for the 8th seed in the West. And what do you know, the Lakers play the Mavs in exactly one week so that will have big stakes for both teams. Bryan, are you down for a little wager? The Pacers looked strong against the Hawks last night, particularly in the 3rd quarter when their bench took over the offense and Indiana never looked back.

Couple of good games on TNT tonight as the Knicks are Boston and the Clippers visit Dallas. Or you could watch the battle for 25 wins between Detroit and Minnesota, whatever floats your boat!

  • skilligan

    didn’t think the Heat were gonna break the record but now unless they lose to the Spurs they will win 40 in a row