SANTA MONICA: Tulisa Contostavlos Photographed Making Leggy Exit From Her Car

Tulisa Contostavlos meeting departure

Our previous post featuring ‘X Factor UK’ judge Tulisa Contostavlos questioned why she insists on showing off her legs & in this latest post, we’d like to personally apologize to Tulisa.

Her legs were looking amazing as she catwalked around in daisy dukes yesterday afternoon in Santa Monica. I guess she’s in town for business, so somebody with deep pockets in L.A. really needs to get this chick to stick around for at least the rest of the spring. Tulisa, we know London’s great, but Santa Monica’s better—especially if your boyfriend is making millions director & producing summer blockbusters & has a beachfront pimp-pad in Malibu.

  • MundoLopez1

    Great looking legs and face but looks like she’s kinda flat on the ass, part..still like it tho..

    • Larry Sanders

      Her butt does look really good sometimes. It’s not amazing but still I want to go there and do things..

      • Larry Sanders

        Also she is so cute and her body is ridiculous. I would kill a lot of people for a chance to have her in my bed for a night.

  • skilligan

    great legs and very pretty

  • lenilovesfeet

    Nice, shapely legs. I don’t like her face.

  • Nobodysfaultbutmine

    What difference an outfit makes. Her legs look pretty nice here. I like her, she’s pretty.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    Kinda resembles an older Demi Lovato here.

    • lenilovesfeet

      Agreed. I don’t think she is pretty, she is a 7 with full makeup and fixed teeth. Meh