Tamara Ecclestone's Bel Air Mansion: This Is What Living Off Your Billionaire Dad Feels Like

Aerial Views of Tamara Ecclestones house in BelAir, CA.

I just want one week inside this place—that’s all damn it! Just think about the crazy parties—oh the crazy parties! God damn. Here are some specs: 19,000 square foot of living space which includes nine-bedroom, 12-bathrooms, bar, games room, gym and private theater, as well as a huge ass garden that will one day probably turn into a zoo.

Apparently all this isn’t enough since Tamara Ecclestone is already on the market for a new pad. According to TMZ, she spent an hour checking out Walt Disney’s former mansion in Holmby Hills which spans 35,000 square foot and currently listed for $99 million. WHAT THE FUCK?!!? The property apparently has eight bedrooms and 17 bathrooms.

Anyway, earlier this year she gave HELLO! magazine a tour of her Bel Air paid. Here are snippets from the interview:

The renovations have certainly been extensive…
“They have. We dug down two levels and everything is completely brand new. I’ve been very involved with it because it was such a big project. My current Tamara Ecclestone house was ready to move into, so this is the first time I’ve been completely hands on and been able to say, ‘Oh no, I don’t want that there.'”

Was it difficult to have a vision for such a huge project of Tamara Ecclestone house?
“I’m quite decisive and I definitely knew what I wanted. A lot of people think the decor is quite masculine, as it’s dark, but I quite like the feel of it. I think that dark colors are warmer and
more homely.”

It is a very large property – more than 55,000 sq ft of Tamara Ecclestone house…
“Yes and I’m most excited about the fact that there is so much entertaining space. I love to be
social and to have people over for dinner and drinks and not have to go out.”

Neutral tones prevail in the master bedroom, which feels all the brighter thanks to the wall of French windows. “I love my bedroom,” says Tamara Ecclestone. “It leads out into the garden
and the light is just perfect.”

There have been reports of some quite extravagant elements, such as the £1 million crystal bath in Tamara Ecclestone house…
“I think that a lot of what has been said about the house is untrue. It’s definitely a big house and it’s
hopefully somewhere I’ll have forever. I wanted it to be my dream home and I would definitely like it to be my family home when I settle down and have kids. That’s kind of the thought behind it.

“The best feature for me would probably be my bedroom – have you noticed that I really love
bedrooms? I like my dressing area, too. It’s a whole ‘Hers’ section, which is very nice. I’ve got a salon station to do my hair and make-up – it’s really nice to have all of that.

“The thing I’m most excited about, though, is moving into a new house that I can make new memories in and close the door on the past.”

Aerial Views of Tamara Ecclestones house in BelAir, CA.

And, here’s Tamara Ecclestone spotted out in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon (March 27) grabbing lunch with a friend.

Tamara Ecclestone has lunch with friends in Beverly Hills

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