6 Souls: Film Review

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Here’s a head scratcher for you: what is an actress like Julianne Moore doing in such derivative tripe as 6 Souls? As one of the modern era’s most dependably talented actresses, we are used to seeing her in smart and sensitive films. 6 Souls is so banal that it seems to have been assembled by the same sitcom pioneers who brought us Saved by the Bell.

The story is basically just a set-up for Jonathan Rhys Meyers to hallucinate at every turn. Moore plays a forensic psychiatrist named Dr. Cara Harding who tries to treat a patient named David (Rhys Meyers) who seems to be suffering from multiple personality disorder. The conundrum here is that all of his personalities seems to be the souls of six murder victims. Hence the title.

Cara isn’t sure if David is faking his disorder – how can anyone channel the dead as multiple personalities? Then again, he seems to know more than anyone possibly could have. It sounds slightly interesting, but it isn’t, thanks to the lazy script that is riddled with dumbed down horror movie clichés. It’s just slight.