Claudia Romani Models MoeJackson’s Bastardly Apparel

Claudia Romani

Photos of Claudia Romani taken by Kustom Kite Photography

Claudia Romani worked it sexy for the camera as she modeled a couple pieces of from our collection of Bastardly apparel. In these exclusive shots provided to us by our friend of the site, Italian glamour model Claudia Romani modeled the original Bastardly tanktop with the slogan “I’m pretty cute when you’re drunk”. In Claudia’s case, she’s just straight up sexy all the time. Additionally you might be asking what the hell is “ARRUFAT”? It’s was a cafe that had a great Bastardly name so we decided to make a t-shirt.

Interested in snagging one for yourself? $20.00 each shipped US Priority Mail. Hit us up Contact us for International Orders. Limited quantities available!

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  • nrkey
    • johnconnor777
    • bryanzee


      No thanks, VJ’s body is good AS IS

      • nrkey

        bryanzee It’s the legs. I even lik chickenlegs (Dobrev/Swift), but Victoria’s are just so shapeless. Maybe we should buy her a bike or something.

  • skilligan

    big move getting her to rock the clothes

  • lenilovesfeet

    She has very sexy legs.

  • RoDney1

    more and more a woman beautiful spectacular …