March Madness Hotties Tournament – THE FINAL FOUR!


It’s finally time to move on to the Final Four, so in case you missed all the previous matchups, check them out here.

The Final Four - US
Jessica Alba vs Maria Menounos

4 Jessica Alba vs 3 Maria Menounos
Alba hit the rewind button, calling upon the memories and glories of yesteryear to eke out a very narrow victory over Kate Upton. Out West, Maria Menounos scored an even closer victory over Mila Kunis by just 4 votes of the thousands entered after a furious late rally that came up just short.

The Final Four - International
Kate Beckinsale vs Adriana Lima

1 Kate Beckinsale vs 5 Adriana Lima
Kate the Great has steamrolled all opposition. This will likely be the first test of her powers. Can she overcome the Lima rabid fan base whose voices have pushed the VS angel through the tourney?