Irina Shayk @ MTV’s Beautiful People Party in Athens

Irina Shayk posing at the greek MTV party in Athens

Wait a minute, all this time I thought Athens was burning due to the Euro financial crisis? I guess rich & beautiful people still have time to party it up! Just like she always does, Irina Shayk looked absolutely amazing while hitting up a party co-hosted by MTV & a PR firm specifically for beautiful people. Obviously Irina fit right in!

Judging by how rarely we see Irina Shayk these days, this woman needs to show her fan base some love & make some appearances on the beach! Irina, we understand that bikini pics are your bread & butter, but whatever happened to some freebees for your hardcore fans?

Here’s some paparazzi footage of Irina in Athens…

Who speaks Greek out there?

  • skilligan

    nearly perfect

    • bryanzee


      Her body is perfect

  • Mundo Lopez

    Sexy..sexier..sexiest pure sex…oww..

  • melan

    Angelina Jolie wannabe

    • MoeJackson

      @melan Ya, Angelina’s exactly who comes to mind when I look at Irina…

  • Bozz

    @melan how? are you saying that cause she has full lips too? what.