MTV Movie Awards: 15-Year-Old Bella Thorne Dressed Like She Was In Her Mid-20s

2013 MTV Movie Awards Arrivals

We aren’t saying Bella Thorne should resort to wearing little-girl dresses that Taylor Swift used to wear, but she should at least wear clothing that screams “Hands off, I’m only 15” as opposed to clothes she normally wears. I’ll be shocked if she doesn’t get hit on by a bunch of unsuspecting dudes who probably think she’s in her early-to-mid-20s. Am I making a valid point here or what?

Check out our other post of Bella from the MTV Movie Awards.

  • xenia

    Oh moe.. enough of her!

  • curvefan

    She either needs to tone down or the legal age needs to drop to her age.

  • Ryozenzuzex

    Or perhaps celebrity news blogs could not post pictures of children?

    • xenia


    • MoeJackson

      Ryozenzuzex This will sound wildly hypocritical, but I gotta agree.

      • xenia

        … so why do you post pictures of her almost weekly?

        • McP

          xenia These are public events where she goes to be photographed and have her pics taken and distributed.  It’s not like these are candid paparazzi pics.  (Though I’m sure Moe posts those, too.)

        • xenia

          Eheh.. there are also pictures of her walking around with her dog or in yoga pants..

  • skilligan

    she is a kid and i don’t think she will be hot when she isnt a kid anymore

  • Mundo Lopez

    She definetly could have fooled me…if I didn’t know she’s still a brat..

  • Backwoodsman

    Is she a confirmed 15?  Crazy if so….

  • durka

    I’ve seen her dressed way worse. she looked slutty at the beach
    what kind of bikini is that for a 13-year old?

  • bryanzee

    We’ll see her at the combine in 2015 and see how she holds up for the 2016 Draft.

  • lenilovesfeet

    Oh dear. The cream colored suit is ok, she is not showing any skin. But the bikini? Geez.
    It’s like she’s asking to get raped.On the other hand, if her parents don’t give a shit, why should we?

  • Sarah

    i saw her in the mall once and she was in full on slutty schoolgirl outfit.