Dayana Mendoza at 2013 “Stand Up For A Cure” Event

Dayana Mendoza

Last night in New York City, the 2013 Stand Up For A Cure event took place at The Theater at Madison Square Garden. Rather than try to word it ourselves, here’s what it’s all about: “The Stand Up for a Cure Concert Series produces concerts and special events to benefit various causes and organizations that we believe are pioneering critical areas of research and treatment for various health and socially relevant issues.” Last night Jerry Seinfeld performed to benefit the American Diabetes Association. To learn move, visit the Stand Up For A Cure website.

  • Mundo Lopez

    Not bad, but really nothing really special about her, nice smile long face, nice hair, could use a little more shape, little to no boobies, but I wouldn’t say no to her, that’s for sure…

  • skilligan

    she is just the same as any girl at a grocery store, nothing to see here