Nina Agdal vs. Lisalla Montenegro Model ‘Aerie for American Eagle’

Nina Agdal, Lisalla Montenegro

Pictured: Nina Agdal (Left), Lisalla Montenegro (Right)

American Eagle had the right thing in mind when signing up Nina Agdal and Lisalla Montenegro to plug their ‘Aerie for American Eagle’ collection. Check out all the juicy posts of Aerie for American Eagle and we should also plug the actual American Eagle website so you folks can actually go and purchase this stuff too. So who you got? Nina or Lisalla?

  • Nobodysfaultbutmines

    I like Lisalla’s curvaceous body.

  • Bobby

    If Nina wins this I will seriously just…that would be ridiculous…Lisalla is sexy, exotic, beautiful, her body is amazing…Nina is so average looking and has a normal fit body, no competition.

  • assman8

    I picked Lisalla because she has bigger boobs. That doesn’t make me superficial does it?

  • lenilovesfeet

    I like Lisalla’s body more. Both girls have an underbite and not so great smiles.

  • FuzzyBear

    Lisalla has a better body but Nina looks more comfortable in front of a camera and comes across as more fun to hang out with.

  • skilligan

    neither have great faces, Lisalla has a better body

  • McP

    Both are butta

  • bryanzee

    Damn, sexy tummys