Candice Swanepoel Continues Her VS Photo Shoots in NYC

Candice Swanepoel seen during a photoshoot at Midtown in New York City

If you were extremely lucky & happened to be chilling at one of the many NYC parks over the past week, you would’ve probably spotted Candice Swanepoel working her mojo for cameras as she did shoots for the upcoming Victoria’s Secret’s fall catalogue. You’d think VS would use one of their older models for these non-bikini/lingerie shoots, but obviously is their go-to model these days. As opposed to the previous set that were shot mainly at Central Park, these photos were taken around various spots in Midtown.

Most of these outfits range from “sexy secretary” to “really hot NYC executive” to “traveling hottie” to “hot mom out for a quick walk.” I just feel like when you have older models like Alessandra & Adriana sitting on the bench, why run with only Candice?