Beyonce’s Top 5 Diva Requests While On Tour


Beyoncé’s currently in the middle of a six-night stint at London’s famous O2 Arena, which kicked of on April 29 & runs through May 5. Just like every other diva who has toured the world before Beyoncé, she has a long list of requests to make her stay comfortable. We’ve listed our favorite ones below…

5. She has strict restrictions on any unapproved photographers sending out photos from the show. Believe it or not, but Mrs. Carter has her own photographer on the tour who sends out three to five carefully chosen photos after each show. Despite the restrictions, fans in attendance still post unflattering pics of Queen B.

4. Members of her crew are given 100% pure cotton clothes to prevent her from getting an allergic reaction.

3. She wants to only use red toilet paper.

2. She wants to drink only special alkaline water that is served at exactly 21 degrees.

1. She wants to drink that special water using titanium straws. They’re apparently worth $900.