St. Barts: Ageless Adriana Lima Looks Stunning On A VS Bikini Shoot

Exclusive... Adriana Lima Shows Off Her Bikini Body

The always-gorgeous Adriana Lima worked her near-flawless bikini body during a Victoria’s Secret photo shoot in ultra-luxurious St. Barts. We’re assuming Adri is kicking off another round of “Let’s Look At Countless Bikini Pics” courtesy of beautiful Victoria’s Secret Angels. Miranda is definitely out of the mix, so expect Candice & Ale to visit St. Barts over the next week or so.

Needless to say, if you’ve racked up vacation time over the past year & can afford a trip to St. Barts, there’s no better time to visit than now. OW!!

  • Bobby

    Two kids, many years later and she seriously hasn’t aged at all. Amazing from head to toe, there is no other face like hers…she is simply perfect, wtf is her secret??!

  • DrewMoney

    What’s the point of VS having any other models when they have Adriana?

  • RonSimmonsDAMN

    Now dammit, THAT is an ASS(Supermodel wise)!!! What a body, it even looks like she kept some hip from her pregnancy.

  • Backwoodsman

    She’s got to have a bad angle somewhere, I just know it!  I’m going to keep looking…

  • KentLeFreak

    This is a nice welcome home treat. :’) Beautiful. The pic of her in that blue bikini standing on her side is really doing something to me. And dat ass wooo…. #ForeverYoung.

  • McP


  • bryanzee


    • bryanzee Not going to wait for it eh?

  • Silent Assassin

    GawdDayum. I lurk on a daily basis but never comment but this bitch made me break my motherfuckin silence! 2003 she was the best shit out and 10 years and 2 kids later she still bad af. That close-up of her face is stunning and she has a booty that doesn’t need to be arched!

  • curvefan

    That is a top of the list elite body.  Women with bodies like this are so much better sexually than those skinny women with boob jobs.

  • saphiry

    Amazing body, but did she have a boob job?
    Her boobs look unnaturally big and hard in the picture with the blue bikini

    • KentLeFreak

      There was speculation she had one back in the day but right now she’s probably still breast feeding and that’s what’s keeping them bad boys plump…

  • lenilovesfeet

    Ok, this is the hottest woman alive. I have seen many gorgeous women, none was as attractive as Adriana.

  • Mundo Lopez

    Of all the chicks here Adriana has to be the only one with the Elite body, and face too….that’s my opinion, other models might be close to being elite, but to me Adriana has no worthwhile competition, at least not yet….

  • skilligan

    she is the GOAT of models, nobody else is in her class

  • Awesome, should we have an Alba/Lima revote?

  • 42CodyCarriger

    Former fan, but since then, the only women has a elite body and face is her, just so many long fans!

  • xenia

    She is beautifu and sexy but i miss cuteness in her

  • McP

    Of course this is at a photoshoot in a bikini, with all the best lighting and stylists.  Get a pic of her on the street in normal clothes and you get . . . oh right, this . . .

    • Backwoodsman


  • Jordanna Gessler

    she looks like a man

    • MoeJackson

      Jordanna Gessler I’d love to see your photo, Jordanna.