Is Kendall Jenner Too Young For Bikini Photo Shoots?

**EXCLUSIVE** Kendall Jenner hits the beach to model colorful bikinis for Agua Bendita Swim Boutique

Not at all surprisingly, Pimp Momma Kris Jenner continues to whore out her daughters, especially the younger ones. These photos were snapped last weekend (May 5), but they feature 17-year-old Kendall Jenner on the beach modeling bikinis for swimwear designer Agua Bendita.

As some of you guys might remember, we recently saw Kendall working her bikini while on vacation in Greece, so it’s possible her mom got feedback from certain swimwear designers & the highest bidder won themselves a couple of hours with a Kardashian.

So, what’s everyone’s take? Is Kendall too young for her very own professional bikini shoot? Then again, judging by her older sister’s porn-industry past, this type of stuff is pretty damn harmless.