MIAMI: Wilmer Valderrama Continues Enjoying The Sugar Daddy Lifestyle

Wilmer Valderrama hits the beach with a bikini beauty in Miami


Over the weekend (Sunday, May 19) as the ‘That ’70s Show’ star-turned Hollywood sugar daddy Wilmer Valderrama was at the beach with another one of his sugar babies. The 33-year-old actor flirted with the pretty brunette while chilling in the water before calling over his tattooed bodyguard to take him back to the beach. We’re pretty sure the dude got a piece of this chick back at his Miami Beach pimp pad soon after these photos were taken.

  • skilligan

    she looks over 16 so he has changed

  • 43BronsonYim

    Ha, likey he has changed, but lucky bastard haters are still there.

  • curvefan

    I think he should be with as many women as he can as long as they are of age.  My guess is this one will be a quick relationship but that ass might earn a recall.